Corporate Overview

Brief History

Corporate Structure

Performance Record


Business Policy
    ■ Manufacturing Cost Managenent
    ■ Substantial Management
    ■ Productivity Enhancement

Quality Policy
The top priority task in our production activities is to establish, implement, and maintain quality management system, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and improve quality continuously. We are dedicated to observe the quality management system and ensure all activities are carried out in line with the quality policy as follows:

To enhance customer satisfaction by implementing customer oriented work processes

To continuously improve products, services and work processes by setting up clear quality objectives and detailed implementation plans

To provide high quality and zero defect products that are recognized as the world’s best by our global customers

All departments are requested to set up quantitative objectives in regards to the quality management system and strive to ensure all of working activities are carried out to achieve the quality management objectives.

HSE Policy
In order to contribute to the preservation of environment and the health and safety of employees, HSE management system is established throughout our organization, with respect to design, R & D, production activities, products and optional services. HSE policy will be implemented in all production processes, meeting the needs of customers and the community. We will adhere to our HSE policy as follows:

    ■ Perceive health and safety of employees as our top priority task
    ■ HSE shall be prerequisite consideration in all management decisions.
    ■ Comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulation requirements, collect HSE opinions of interested
       parties, reflect and implement in management.
    ■ Set up and implement HSE objectives and detailed plans for continuous improvement and periodically review the
       implementation status, in order to enhance effectiveness of HSE management system.
    ■ Apply HSE policy in all work processes to prevent environmental pollution, improve working environment, prevent safety
       accident, and promote health of employees.
    ■ Organize continuous improvement activities.

All employees are requested to set up detailed HSE objectives, target, and implementation plan by each work function in accordance with the policy. Results will be reviewed periodically as a part of business performance and shared with all interest groups of the community.